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Dedicaced by Willema


We all need love in our lives. Without it, we would not experience happiness, dedication or determination.

We would not be selfless or kind.

Love is not just a word, but a feeling, an action … and it is pure.

In this new book, Letters of Love, 12 inspiring and award-winning authors courageously write their own love letters. They express love of themselves to their families, to God, to the world, to those who have passed away, and to those who have shown love to them.

Share the love of the authors as they take us on a journey to show the people in their lives and yours what is possible and how much they care. Love letters can even encourage you to love beyond measure, to show kindness and hope, and to be the light in the dark that so many seek.


Melissa Desveaux
Melysa Aldiano
Naomi Beverly
Willema Girard
Libby Monica
Sarah Pridham
Rebekah Samuel
Veronica Sanchez
Kerri-Ann Sheppard
Abigail Sinclaire
Nor Suhir
David Vine


9 reviews for LETTERS OF LOVE

  1. Sandra Bisson

    Willema’s letter is a deep and compassionate expression of the different types of love and challenges of life. It adresses different readers with memories of joy, sorrow and redemption!
    Sandra Bisson

  2. Nehanda Mauron-Mutambirwa

    « Willema’s letter is a reminder of the spirit of unconditional love which accompanies us through life’s trials and tribulations. Unconditional love takes various forms: whether a hug from a loved one or a smile from a stranger, it is always there reminding us that we are seen and never truly alone.

    Nehanda Mauron-Mutambirwa”

  3. Roberto Camporéale

    Thanks Willema,
    Your letter allowed me to think of my own life experience and to realise that I am indeed surrounded by love.
    Roberto Camporeale

  4. Ismaël Khalil

    Love soothes wounded hearts, the various testimonies suddenly remind us of the trials that each individual goes through in their lifetime.
    These stories are rich, they guide us towards an inner happiness which is specific to each one.
    Ismaël Khalil

  5. Naze Noori

    Very nice book that reads fairly quickly. What particularly appealed to me was the charm of each author’s stories.
    Rich and strong in emotions, you will feel like you have escaped in no time.
    I recommend this book which reconnects us to the most wonderful thing on earth: love.
    Naze Noori

  6. Ruddyse Girard

    It is with a lot of emotion that I read your love letter. I admire the tenacity, the surpassing of yourself that you have shown in a life course that has not been a long quiet river. Each trial has made you stronger and I continue to be proud of you, my sister. Keep moving forward, letting love guide your every step.

    Ruddyse Girard

  7. Aminata Sakho

    In the word Friendship there is the word Love, and it is indeed all this love that you have been able to perfectly transcribe my dear friend. This letter filled with love which touches me more particularly since our paths crossed when we were only 20 years old, with projects and dreams in our heads !!! “Yes, yes I am the one who snubbed you…” and since then we have never left each other.
    A love that transcends time and borders and is written for eternity. I love you Willema.

    Aminata Sakho

  8. Christiane Amintas

    Dear Willema,

    My dearest cousin, this letter is a wonderful hymn to Life!
    Wonderful tribute to those who have marked your journey, yesterday, today and to come.
    It also testifies to the Liver that we should all cultivate.
    We can’t perceive everything, control everything in our life, but move forward with confidence in what is happening.
    It is the possibility of welcoming, of receiving what is distilled in our life course: Love.

    Christiane Amintas

  9. Steven Mufamadi

    Hi Willema,

    Your letter is a very nice piece. I don’t even have words to say. Short and straight to the point.
    All the best my dearest. Indeed your are a very sweet and nice person.
    May God continuous bless you and your family.. stay safe & blessed.

    Steven Mufamadi

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