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This book is part of a series that has been born through inspiration. Through the lockdown new stories emerged and the world seems to have shifted over-night. Many individuals have faced extreme challenges in these times and we have brought together the voices of this historic era.

What was deemed normal has been questioned shattered. All of a sudden, the impossible became possible, new ways of working were established and for the first time, we appreciated people who were working on the front line.

We also saw a CHIFT in jobs, perspectives, expectations, equality and the physical body.

What is the impact of this?

New ways have opened up! New ways to do business, engage, socialise, communicate, new social justice and inclusion. We are re-evaluating options and choices we never thought we had. There is a strong desire for more flexibility. The SHIFT has highlighted the importance of relationships, home life and through this awakening we are now seeking true purpose and fulfilment.

These huge global disruptions amplified (already previously existing) mental wellness issues and organisational frictions have surfaced. The solution is not going back to the way it was before, but it requires a completely new approach.

This new approach can be seen as the seeds of a new era where we listen, appreciate each other, collaborate and co-create the new ideal world: A world where we empower diverse voices and involve ‘Whole Humans’ in decision making and unleash the power of people to grow new waves of business success.


6 reviews for SHIFT – A NEW ERA BEGINS

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