Testimonials from Dr Mufamadi: Back to my coaching program

Before my first session with Ms Willema Girard I did not have any knowledge about executive coaching what the outcome will it bring in my life. I had doubt of coaching services and its values.

After a month and half of coaching from Willema, I was able to focus on thing that can help me to improve myself as a leader as wells as to manage my work easily and to balance work and personnel life including my family.

Willema helped me to navigate through the challenges  that I was facing and to set-up strategies that could help me to see success in all my projects and for my company. Before, I was all over, doing everything. I didn’t have plan, I wasn’t able to stay focus. After the executive coaching program, I know now the role I should play in my work. Now I have a four years plan, and I’m only doing things that will help me to achieve my goals. I’m able to delegate activities to my colleagues. Now, I’m excited and moving my projects and my company to the right direction.

I sincere thanks Willema for helping me to find the right direction for my company and to understand my role as leader. And above all, for helping me to find the purpose of my life.

For such an excellent coaching services that provided me with so many solutions for my leadership, my company and how to balance work and personal life,  I strongly recommend Willema Girard to anyone who need an executive coaching and /or who is ready to see difference in his/her work and in his/her personal life.

Thank you & God bless,

Dr Maluta Steven Mufamadi

Founder & CEO

NABIO Consulting (Pty) Ltd

South Africa